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What’s up with my kid? And what am I gonna do about it? Part 1 of 4.

I heard a lecture recently from a pediatrician talking about OUR KIDDOS (for all of you who have children and grandchildren from babies to teenagers) as the “COMPROMISED GENERATION”.
WHAT?!?!?! Double take.
So, we don’t really know what we are doing as first-time parents. Gosh, I don’t know what I’m doing after 4 of them, nine years into the whole thing.
But our momma (or daddy) instincts are pretty strong, so they alert us when something doesn’t seem quite right.
  • My baby needs Prevacid or Prilosec?
  • My toddler needs miralax to go number two?
  • My baby has tongue tie and can’t latch well to breastfeed?
  • My kid keeps getting ear infection after ear infection?
  • My toddler keeps popping up with new allergy symptoms, and now needs steroids for asthma?
  • My son needs meds for hyperactivity to function at school?
  • My daughter is having horrible PMS and painful menstrual cycles since starting between 10-11 years old, and needs a birth control pill to control it?
  • My daughter is depressed and can’t focus at school, she needs Prozac now?
  • My son is withdrawn, and needs to be on antibiotics constantly to keep his acne under control?
Dr. BuchertWhat’s up with my kid? And what am I gonna do about it? Part 1 of 4.
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Why Migraines are a Bigger Problem than you think & how to Banish them.

What’s really going on!?

I have a particular interest in helping people with migraines being that I had debilitating migraines for years, before I found out about Functional Medicine and made the necessary changes in my life to stop the episodes.
Everyone knows someone who suffers from migraines, or maybe you even suffer yourself. Migraines are very common in our society, with incidence rates being almost 1 in 5 women (18%) and 6% in men. Migraines can be so severe that they can send people to the ER. Quality of life is greatly affected, and even lost productivity with work and/or school can be very significant.  Migraines also tend to run in families (80%) although there isn’t a particular gene that is linked to migraines. We do find that testing for and treating methylation genetics can lower the migraine threshold – that is the magnitude or intensity of a migraine trigger. This is likely related to the fact that efficient methylation processes in our body leads to lower inflammation, better detoxing, and better hormonal balance (along with many other things). We routinely check methylation genetics and associated blood lab markers in the Functional Medicine area of Mint Health .

My Story with Migraines


I started with migraines when I was 28 years old. Many, many people in my family have migraines, so it didn’t surprise me when mine started. Over the first few years of having migraines, the headaches became so severe that I remember times when I would hide in the maintenance closet at work because it was the quietest, darkest, coolest spot I could find; I would close my eyes and fall in and out of sleep which would give me mild reprieve. My headaches often lasted 12-18 hours and for a day after the migraine was over, I’d feel strange- joyful but foggy headed and tired, and I was always left with a dull, aching, bruised feeling inside my head where the migraine was. I often could tell I was going to get a migraine, because hours before, I would start smelling things that I couldn’t normally smell (I felt like a k-9 LOL), I remember once that I noticed the smell of the paper on my desk, then my right nostril would always get congested, and then I’d start with right maxillary sinus pain. I’d also start having trouble finding my words or concentrating. Then the headache would come, in my case 99% of my headaches were right sided. Before I had migraine medicines that worked, I’d end up nauseous and vomiting multiple times during a headache episode. I wouldn’t leave my house without having migraine meds on me. These meds were always in my purse. I remember going on a weekend trip once and when we were about 6 hours from home, I realized I only had 1 dose of migraine medication (I never knew when I’d need it, but often headaches required 2-3 doses). I felt panicked. I wanted to turn around, but I was with others and couldn’t ask then to do that. I felt desperate! The first thing I did was get my doctor to call in more medication to the place I was traveling to.
Dr. BuchertWhy Migraines are a Bigger Problem than you think & how to Banish them.
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The Most SURPRISING Root-Cause-Reason for Breast Cancer, Endometriosis, and Pregnancy Complications and Loss….

What we can do here at Mint Health

I generally feel pretty good, myself, because I have been working on my health through a functional medicine approach for years now. Most of the big symptoms I had that accumulated through my life are better or resolving. It wasn’t too long ago, though, that I decided to test myself and my husband for heavy metals (sometimes doctors are the worst patients!).  We had infertility for years, and toxic burden was something I never looked at for us, because I didn’t know to. Also, there is a lot of cancer in my husband’s family, and since we both have crummy detox genes (I found this out through 23andMe ), this is another reason I wanted to make sure I was being proactive with evaluating toxins.
When I did the testing, both of our urine tests for metals came back with moderately elevated lead and mercury, as well as more arsenic than I expected. (Yikes! I’m planning on testing our kids now as well!) This may sound weird, but I was happy I finally checked this for my husband and I, BECAUSE we were able to do something about it- we started mobilizing and getting it out to avoid higher risks of problems (you’ll read more about this below) down the road!
I use this urine test as one of the tools of evaluating for heavy metals for many individuals in our Functional Medicine practice in our search for root causes of the body not functioning well. There are many ways we all get exposed to mercury, lead, cadmium, and other metals and toxins (we routinely guide our patients on ways they can minimize these exposures) ( Get Started at Mint Health ). Some people’s bodies are effective at getting toxins out/excreted right away, but other people aren’t so lucky. If the body is not able to promptly get rid of a toxin (like a heavy metal) expeditiously, it will store it in the least innocuous way it can. This is often in places like our bones (a favorite place for lead), fatty tissues, and membranes of our cells and cellular organelles.  This “body burden” that can build up over time, can contribute to autoimmunity, cancer, pregnancy complications, chronic fatigue, neurologic dysfunction, and endocrine (hormone/glandular) problems, amongst many other health concerns.
Dr. BuchertThe Most SURPRISING Root-Cause-Reason for Breast Cancer, Endometriosis, and Pregnancy Complications and Loss….
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The Perfect Rainbow Food for Health

  • Why is it important to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet?
  • Are you getting 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day?
  • Why can’t our body utilize these nutrients as well when we are stressed?

Taste the Rainbow — No, we are not talking about skittles!



Building a Power House Smoothie

There is no better way to start your day than having a smoothie packed with nutrient dense, disease fighting, cell-revitalizing nutrients !!  

In our functional medicine practice, one of the first things we encourage is getting more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Why is this so important!? The reasons are endless! These nutrients are powerful defenders against chronic diseases because of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients within. These nutrients are essential for mitochondrial health (our mitochondria are our energy warehouses in all of our cells and when the mitochondria aren’t functioning well, this is when disease sets in), for DNA/RNA repair, for lowering inflammation, for healthy immune function, for detoxing (if you haven’t already, go back and read Dr. Buchert’s excellent article on detoxing ).
Dr. BuchertThe Perfect Rainbow Food for Health
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Heart to Heart with Dr. B AND The Best “Powder” of All Time!!

  • How many of you are 100% happy with your health?
  • If not, what symptoms are you struggling with?
  • Do we want to just continue to let things be the way they are?

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries

I LOVE Ob/Gyn, so why the heck did I go to so much trouble to learn and add Functional Medicine to my practice? Why would we go and make things so  complicated  instead of just doing what everyone else is doing?!?!
Well, most providers who practice Functional Medicine have a very personal reason for what drove them to learn this extraordinary science. I am no different!
Here is my journey in a nutshell:
Dr. BuchertHeart to Heart with Dr. B AND The Best “Powder” of All Time!!
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Are You Into Retoxing or Detoxing??

Wilted and Dreary versus Vegatized and Energized!!

Stomach issues Resolved
Anti-inflammatory/Paleo diet

Weight Loss
Auto-Immune in Remission

Why Should I Care Anyway?
Who needs to focus NOW on detoxification?
*Planning to become pregnant, currently pregnant, or have small children or children approaching or in puberty
*Feeling vaguely unwell and persistently fatigued
*Diagnosis of an autoimmune or neurologic disorder
*Sensitive to fumes, solvents, detergents, cosmetics
*Personal or strong family history of cancer (a sign your detox genes are not great!)
*Long history of constipation
*Past history of acute toxic exposure
How do we help at Mint? 
Come see us for a Functional Medicine consult to learn more about your body’s current detox state and work on optimizing these innate processes. ( myminthealth-getstarted)
We are what we eat, drink, breath, touch  . . . . . and can’t eliminate.
Dr. BuchertAre You Into Retoxing or Detoxing??
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What’s Cooking at Mint & How to be a Rockstar!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce our newest team member to Mint Health, Renee Beyer Boudreaux FNP- IFMCP.  Renee is truly an amazing woman, and below she shares her story and journey with us, so get ready to be inspired!  Over the upcoming weeks, we each, as providers, want to share with you our stories of how Functional Medicine has changed our lives profoundly (as that is why we work so diligently to do what we do in the Functional Medicine practice at Mint Health!), as well as a little more about what Functional Medicine really is (there are many misconceptions out there!).  We know many of you have stories that overlap with our own navigating this lovely but imperfect life!  We want you to know that we are right here with you (regular people, real life, as well as your diligent health care team!).  More than anything, we want you to know what is possible when you have the right tools and the right inspiration.
Renee is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), just like me.  We both chose IFM to further our health knowledge, because IFM is truly the global leader in promoting change in how we think about wellness versus illness.  You can check them out more here  https://ifm.org/ to get a glimpse of what the hype is all about.
Renee is experienced in addressing autoimmune conditions and immune dysfunctions, gut imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, detox, genetics, eczema, chronic illness like obesity and diabetes and heart disease, fibromyalgia, developmental delays and spectrum disorders in children, ADHD/ADD, hormone imbalances for women and men, mood disorders, dementia, and more.  With her extensive background, she is very experienced in working with not only women, but also children and men!  This is one reason she is such a great new asset to us at Mint Health!
As our team grows, we look forward to being able to spend even more time with you in the Functional Medicine area of Mint Health.  We truly value the extra time and tools that this approach allows for us in being able to go beyond what sometimes seems impossible (as you’ll see in Renee’s story below)!  We know and experience daily that caring for others is a huge responsibility and a privilege, so we always welcome your feedback and what each of you teach us every single day.
Dr. Buchert
Renee Beyer Boudreaux FNP- IFMCP
Family Nurse Practitioner
Functional Medicine Provider

Renee’s Story

Dr. BuchertWhat’s Cooking at Mint & How to be a Rockstar!
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Weight Loss – Functional Medicine Style (ie, the BEST way)

Woman not feeling well, stalled out on her "diet"Ok, so maybe your New Year’s resolution was to get healthy, but this early Mardi Gras and King Cake galore has halted your progress? No better time than the Lenten season to buckle down and make the commitment you need to make!

Join us for our next free dinner seminar “Stress, Hormones, and Health” to learn about Functional Medicine and the most enlightened and progressive approach to weight loss, health, and hormone balance. Trust me, as a medical doctor who has run the gamut searching for how to actually help my patients, this IS AS AWESOME as it sounds!

We have a few spots left to join in the fun – reserve your spot now on line at http://www.myminthealth.comevents/

What is different about the Functional Medicine Approach to health and weight loss that keeps you off that yo-yo scale and helps you actually reach lasting goals? Many of us falsely believe that if we could “just lose weight,” all our other problems and symptoms would go away. Well, this is no doubt the WRONG approach. Much better is to understand and address the UNDERLYING CAUSES that are keeping your body from returning to the healthy state it was designed to be in! I will teach you about and coach you along the path to healing your gut, calming the immune system, balancing your hormones (for real!), the right kind of movement, and the right kind of nutrition – all of which are key ingredients to restoring your health.

Dr. BuchertWeight Loss – Functional Medicine Style (ie, the BEST way)
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5 Reasons your Weight Loss and Energy won’t budge – and how to find the Natural Solutions

money_pillsEvery year Americans spend an estimated $33 billion on products and services to help them with weight loss! Yet despite all these costly efforts, nearly two-thirds of us still struggle with our weight and how we feel about our bodies. This can take a serious mental and emotional toll.  Even worse, the inability to achieve a healthy weight is typically a sign of a deeper health problem that puts you at risk, now and down the road.

Dr. Buchert5 Reasons your Weight Loss and Energy won’t budge – and how to find the Natural Solutions
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Are You One of the 3 in 5 Adults in American Taking Prescription Drugs?

Pills and capsules on white“In a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that the prevalence of prescription drug use among people 20 and older had risen to 59 percent in 2012 from 51 percent just a dozen years earlier. During the same period, the percentage of people taking five or more prescription drugs nearly doubled, to 15 percent from 8 percent. One likely factor driving the increased use: obesity.”

Dr. BuchertAre You One of the 3 in 5 Adults in American Taking Prescription Drugs?
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