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Intestinal Bacteria Matter for our Metabolism

intestinal_bacteriaThe mantra of (calories in) – (calories out) = weight gain or loss is becoming an “old-school” idea. Overuse of antibiotics/underuse of breastfeeding/junk food/fake food/GMO food/sweeteners, even low calorie versions, can have a profound effect on how our energy metabolism is functioning at a cellular level. There is quite a bit of evidence mounting for the importance of a healthy intestinal bacterial balance and what it means for your “metabolism”. How do you know if you have healthy gut bacteria? If you struggle with weight maintenance, unexplained or difficult to treat insulin resistance, difficult to treat skin problems (breakouts, rashes), allergies, unexplained irritable bladder symptoms, frequent bloating/irregular stool, fatigue/foggy brain, your intestinal bacterial balance is an important thing to consider.

In a recent study: “The scientists performed a multitude of experiments, mostly on mice [and a small group of humans to start], to back up their assertion that the sweeteners alter the microbiome, the population of bacteria that is in the digestive system. The different mix of microbes, the researchers contend, changes the metabolism of glucose, causing levels to rise higher after eating and to decline more slowly than they otherwise would.”

Dr. BuchertIntestinal Bacteria Matter for our Metabolism
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