5 Reasons your Weight Loss and Energy won’t budge – and how to find the Natural Solutions

money_pillsEvery year Americans spend an estimated $33 billion on products and services to help them with weight loss! Yet despite all these costly efforts, nearly two-thirds of us still struggle with our weight and how we feel about our bodies. This can take a serious mental and emotional toll.  Even worse, the inability to achieve a healthy weight is typically a sign of a deeper health problem that puts you at risk, now and down the road.

Dr. Buchert5 Reasons your Weight Loss and Energy won’t budge – and how to find the Natural Solutions
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Are You One of the 3 in 5 Adults in American Taking Prescription Drugs?

Pills and capsules on white“In a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that the prevalence of prescription drug use among people 20 and older had risen to 59 percent in 2012 from 51 percent just a dozen years earlier. During the same period, the percentage of people taking five or more prescription drugs nearly doubled, to 15 percent from 8 percent. One likely factor driving the increased use: obesity.”

Dr. BuchertAre You One of the 3 in 5 Adults in American Taking Prescription Drugs?
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Is the Cost of Your Health Insurance Keeping You From Being Healthy?

Brunette looking worried over bills in kitchen“More Americans have health insurance now than at any time in the past decade, but many are finding that even with coverage they cannot afford the deductibles, co-payments and surprise medical bills that may come with using healthcare . . . . .” Read the rest of the article attached below for the rest of the scary statistics!

Dr. BuchertIs the Cost of Your Health Insurance Keeping You From Being Healthy?
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Do you ever wonder why our health care system is the most expensive in the world yet we rank far behind many other industrialized nations in health outcomes? Do you wonder why most Americans (and maybe YOU and YOUR FAMILY) live with ailments rather than vitality and health?

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Salmon Salad

photoMash 1 avocado, 1/8 – ¼ cup olive oil, and juice from one lemon or lime in a large bowl. Add one large can of bone-in wild caught salmon, 4 large carrots ground (in food processor or Vitamix), 1-2 tablespoons cumin, salt to taste, and mix everything together. I also add cilantro when I have it. We double this recipe for our family of six. Tastes great over lettuce and with black bean Beanitos chips. Packed with superfoods and everyone loves it!

Dr. BuchertSalmon Salad
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Blender Juice

076_3500x2404_all-free-download.com_3450704Put equal parts purple grapes and raw spinach leaves into your super blender (our Vitamix is the best kitchen investment we ever made). Add just enough water to thin to juice consistency, blend until uniform. Add ice, blend again, and enjoy! We drink veggie/fruit blender juice every single day at least once. There are endless combinations! Another favorite is cantaloupe and carrots.

Dr. BuchertBlender Juice
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Banana Veggie Pancakes

2015 iphone download 1870Mash 4 bananas, mix in 4 free range organic eggs, mix in 1/3 cup ground flax seed, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 2 cups grated carrots/zucchini.   Fry them in your skillet with coconut oil.  Drizzle with a spat of real maple syrup or local raw honey.  Yummy way to start the school day!

Dr. BuchertBanana Veggie Pancakes
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Six Easy Ways to Eat More Real Food


real food quoteReplacing processed food “products” with real wholesome foods and drinks can be transformative to our health. My suggestions below are all things that have self-evolved in my house as we have worked on clean nutrition as a priority. Counting calories, dieting, counting carbs/protein, any counting really, can be oppressive. Eating delicious, nutritious, clean food is not!

1) Instead of fruit juice, try whole fruit and veggies in the blender (a Vitamix is worth its weight in gold), Kombucha (a good fizzy alternative to soda), lemon water, coconut water (not the sweetened kind).

2) Instead of “Whole grain” bread or any packaged food with this label – try sprouted grain bread/tortillas, coconut/millet flour, actual real whole grains (millet, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, wild rice, to name a few.)

3) Instead of canola oil, use coconut oil, olive oil or grass fed butter or ghee.

4) Instead of peanut butter, switch to almond butter (with the only ingredient of almonds). You’ll be surprised at how fast your family likes this so much better!

5) Instead of store bought granola, try homemade granola or raw nuts, dried fruit, seeds.

6) Instead of sweeteners, try raw honey, dates, and training your taste buds not to need too much sweet. Remember, sweeteners can be connected to weight gain because they negatively affect our intestinal bacterial balance, which is integral to how we process energy.

Much of this boils down to developing and maintaining a toxin free, chemical free, nutrient dense nutrition plan that will help you feel better, look your best, keep your intestinal bacteria in optimal balance, and keep you from having to count and measure what you eat and drink.

6 Metabolism Death Foods

Dr. BuchertSix Easy Ways to Eat More Real Food
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Intestinal Bacteria Matter for our Metabolism

intestinal_bacteriaThe mantra of (calories in) – (calories out) = weight gain or loss is becoming an “old-school” idea. Overuse of antibiotics/underuse of breastfeeding/junk food/fake food/GMO food/sweeteners, even low calorie versions, can have a profound effect on how our energy metabolism is functioning at a cellular level. There is quite a bit of evidence mounting for the importance of a healthy intestinal bacterial balance and what it means for your “metabolism”. How do you know if you have healthy gut bacteria? If you struggle with weight maintenance, unexplained or difficult to treat insulin resistance, difficult to treat skin problems (breakouts, rashes), allergies, unexplained irritable bladder symptoms, frequent bloating/irregular stool, fatigue/foggy brain, your intestinal bacterial balance is an important thing to consider.

In a recent study: “The scientists performed a multitude of experiments, mostly on mice [and a small group of humans to start], to back up their assertion that the sweeteners alter the microbiome, the population of bacteria that is in the digestive system. The different mix of microbes, the researchers contend, changes the metabolism of glucose, causing levels to rise higher after eating and to decline more slowly than they otherwise would.”

Dr. BuchertIntestinal Bacteria Matter for our Metabolism
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Things to Reject While Expecting


things_to_rejectOur goal is always first and foremost a healthy mom and healthy baby and we are fortunate to have technology and interventions that help us when needed, such as cesareans, inductions, and ultrasounds. Sometimes, though, we can have too much of a good thing! This list comes from a consumer reports guide on frequently overused interventions in pregnancy. You may need one of the items on this list, but thoughtful avoidance may be your best choice if not medically necessary.

1) Elective early delivery (before 39 weeks)
2) Inducing labor without a medical reason
3) A C-section with a low risk first birth
4) An automatic second C-section
5) Ultrasound after 24 weeks
6) Continuous electronic fetal monitoring for everyone in labor
7) Early epidurals before active labor
8) Routinely rupturing the amniotic membranes
9) Routine episiotomies
10) Sending your newborn to the nursery

Dr. BuchertThings to Reject While Expecting
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