Getting Your Body Ready for Your Future Baby

This message is for future dads too!

For those of you that realize you have the opportunity to do a little planning and a little body-work prior to conception, consider yourself fortunate! For others, you may start thinking about this while you are pregnant, or even breastfeeding. Every little bit, good or bad, has an epigenetic influence. Epigenetics is defined as changes in an organism caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. This means we can up-regulate or down-regulate the expression of certain genes with certain factors. And guess What! A lot of these factors are lifestyle and diet. So many moms out there may not have had the thought or know how to consider this. I don’t believe in living in regret, we do the best we can with the knowledge that we have at the time. But, since we are bombarded with so many insults in this world, anything that we can do ahead of time to be shored-up will help with resilience and possibly even avoidance of a future health-related issue for your baby and yourself.

Planning for Mint Condition


Some things that will help in growing a healthy baby:
  • Minimizing exposure to toxins. Using household cleaning products with a safe ingredient list; see for ratings.
  • Baton Rouge has very clean water, but nevertheless, getting a good water filter and using this with beverages and cooking can help to reduce exposure to toxins.
  • Avoid dry cleaning
  • Non-toxic skin care products.
  • Eat grass feed beef (FYI- Omega 3 to 6 ratio is 1:1 (good) with grass fed and 1:20 with grain fed (very bad!))
  • Pasture raised organic chickens
  • Pasture raised organic eggs
  • Grass fed yogurt
  • Sardines and anchovies
  • Avoid high mercury fish
  • Fermented cod liver oil
  • Fermented foods and beverages
  • Probiotics with a variety of strains (at least 10 different) and 25-100 billion per day
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Unrefined, unfiltered, cold pressed oils from avocados, olives, sesame, coconut, etc
  • Avoid plastics; use glass and stainless steel

So what are some things that future parents can do to help create a better environment within their body to grow a healthy baby? The great majority of what can be done comes back to lifestyle and diet!! .
Dr. BuchertGetting Your Body Ready for Your Future Baby
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Salmon Salad

photoMash 1 avocado, 1/8 – ¼ cup olive oil, and juice from one lemon or lime in a large bowl. Add one large can of bone-in wild caught salmon, 4 large carrots ground (in food processor or Vitamix), 1-2 tablespoons cumin, salt to taste, and mix everything together. I also add cilantro when I have it. We double this recipe for our family of six. Tastes great over lettuce and with black bean Beanitos chips. Packed with superfoods and everyone loves it!

Dr. BuchertSalmon Salad
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Blender Juice

076_3500x2404_all-free-download.com_3450704Put equal parts purple grapes and raw spinach leaves into your super blender (our Vitamix is the best kitchen investment we ever made). Add just enough water to thin to juice consistency, blend until uniform. Add ice, blend again, and enjoy! We drink veggie/fruit blender juice every single day at least once. There are endless combinations! Another favorite is cantaloupe and carrots.

Dr. BuchertBlender Juice
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Banana Veggie Pancakes

2015 iphone download 1870Mash 4 bananas, mix in 4 free range organic eggs, mix in 1/3 cup ground flax seed, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 2 cups grated carrots/zucchini.   Fry them in your skillet with coconut oil.  Drizzle with a spat of real maple syrup or local raw honey.  Yummy way to start the school day!

Dr. BuchertBanana Veggie Pancakes
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