Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Functional Medicine Style (ie, the BEST way)

Woman not feeling well, stalled out on her "diet"Ok, so maybe your New Year’s resolution was to get healthy, but this early Mardi Gras and King Cake galore has halted your progress? No better time than the Lenten season to buckle down and make the commitment you need to make!

Join us for our next free dinner seminar “Stress, Hormones, and Health” to learn about Functional Medicine and the most enlightened and progressive approach to weight loss, health, and hormone balance. Trust me, as a medical doctor who has run the gamut searching for how to actually help my patients, this IS AS AWESOME as it sounds!

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What is different about the Functional Medicine Approach to health and weight loss that keeps you off that yo-yo scale and helps you actually reach lasting goals? Many of us falsely believe that if we could “just lose weight,” all our other problems and symptoms would go away. Well, this is no doubt the WRONG approach. Much better is to understand and address the UNDERLYING CAUSES that are keeping your body from returning to the healthy state it was designed to be in! I will teach you about and coach you along the path to healing your gut, calming the immune system, balancing your hormones (for real!), the right kind of movement, and the right kind of nutrition – all of which are key ingredients to restoring your health.

Dr. BuchertWeight Loss – Functional Medicine Style (ie, the BEST way)
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5 Reasons your Weight Loss and Energy won’t budge – and how to find the Natural Solutions

money_pillsEvery year Americans spend an estimated $33 billion on products and services to help them with weight loss! Yet despite all these costly efforts, nearly two-thirds of us still struggle with our weight and how we feel about our bodies. This can take a serious mental and emotional toll.  Even worse, the inability to achieve a healthy weight is typically a sign of a deeper health problem that puts you at risk, now and down the road.

Dr. Buchert5 Reasons your Weight Loss and Energy won’t budge – and how to find the Natural Solutions
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Six Easy Ways to Eat More Real Food


real food quoteReplacing processed food “products” with real wholesome foods and drinks can be transformative to our health. My suggestions below are all things that have self-evolved in my house as we have worked on clean nutrition as a priority. Counting calories, dieting, counting carbs/protein, any counting really, can be oppressive. Eating delicious, nutritious, clean food is not!

1) Instead of fruit juice, try whole fruit and veggies in the blender (a Vitamix is worth its weight in gold), Kombucha (a good fizzy alternative to soda), lemon water, coconut water (not the sweetened kind).

2) Instead of “Whole grain” bread or any packaged food with this label – try sprouted grain bread/tortillas, coconut/millet flour, actual real whole grains (millet, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, wild rice, to name a few.)

3) Instead of canola oil, use coconut oil, olive oil or grass fed butter or ghee.

4) Instead of peanut butter, switch to almond butter (with the only ingredient of almonds). You’ll be surprised at how fast your family likes this so much better!

5) Instead of store bought granola, try homemade granola or raw nuts, dried fruit, seeds.

6) Instead of sweeteners, try raw honey, dates, and training your taste buds not to need too much sweet. Remember, sweeteners can be connected to weight gain because they negatively affect our intestinal bacterial balance, which is integral to how we process energy.

Much of this boils down to developing and maintaining a toxin free, chemical free, nutrient dense nutrition plan that will help you feel better, look your best, keep your intestinal bacteria in optimal balance, and keep you from having to count and measure what you eat and drink.

6 Metabolism Death Foods

Dr. BuchertSix Easy Ways to Eat More Real Food
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