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If you are seeking conventional Obstetric/Prenatal or Gynecologic care, please call our office to schedule your appointment at 225-250-1025.  If it is Wellness or Functional Medicine care, please request your seat at one of our free live in-office or recorded on-line informational seminars.  To engage in our Functional Wellness practice, we request that you attend a seminar to get started.  We do not offer Functional Medicine appointments prior to attending, as we know how important it is for you gain an understanding and background of what we do and why before you begin!

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We highly encourage you to fill in your forms before you come!  Go to myminthealth.com and choose the “Patient” tab.  Next choose “Patient Forms” and choose the option that applies to the type of visit you are scheduled for with Dr. Buchert.

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It is important to note that there is a difference between the twelve (12) weeks of leave allowed by the Federal FMLA statutes and the length of time you are medically disabled.  Medical disability from pregnancy or surgery is typically six to eight weeks unless some unforeseen complication occurs.  The forms from your employer and disability carrier specify that we tell them how long you will be MEDICALLY (physically) disabled from performing your job duties.  You should contact your employer Human Resources Department regarding the requirements for the full twelve weeks of FMLA leave.

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At this time, there is not an established fee for this service.  A fee may be assessed for multiple forms or very lengthy and complicated form sets, payable when you pick up the completed forms.

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Any forms needed for documentation of short-term disability or for FMLA purposes should be turned in about four weeks prior to the expected date your leave will commence.  Please do not fill out any information in the Attending Physician Statement area EXCEPT your name and date of birth.  Be sure to sign and turn in the consent to release medical information sheet so that we can release your information.  Please attach specific information regarding what you are requesting disability for (delivery, surgery, complications during pregnancy, etc.) and contact information of the person to pick up the completed forms.

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The easiest way to access the patient portal is through the Mint Health website.  There is a link under the PATIENT tab that directs you to the portal without having to type the web address.

Go to myminthealth.com and choose the “Patient” drop down menu.  From there, choose “Patient Lab/Message Portal.”

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If payment arrangements are necessary, they must be arranged in advance of the treatment or procedure.  You can contact the Practice Manager at ext. 705 and she will determine if payment arrangements are appropriate and the terms regarding length of time to pay and amount of payments.

Go to myminthealth.com and choose “Pay Now” at the top of the home page.

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The best way to pay a bill is through the Mint Health website.  Click on the PAY NOW button and you will be taken to our secure payment site.  Be certain to complete all the blanks on each page and navigate through all the pages to the end.  You can also send a check or your credit card information through the mail.

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Yes, we go over all recommendations the day of your initial consult if we are able to accept your case.

Dr. Buchert can only learn about you fully, your concerns, hopes and goals, if your spouse is present!  Changes will occur that are going to affect him/her, as well as, the rest of your family in a very positive way!  Being on the same page is vital for success, and having your spouse present allows Dr. Buchert to begin to engage and educate him/her.  You are making an important decision, both financially and for the future, and we respect that couples do this together.  If you feel you cannot comply with this requirement, please speak with Brittany as soon as your consult is scheduled.

Routine OB/Gyn care is provided in routine office visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Functional Wellness care is provided through our transformational programs.  Initial consults for Functional Medicine to determine if Dr. Buchert can accept your case, as well as follow up visits, are on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Our goal is to educate you and change your health for life, so we do not offer singular functional medicine visits, as they are not effective for lasting results.

Routine Gyn blood labs are done through OB/Gyn visits.  Functional evaluations (which may include blood, urine, stool and saliva) are done through functional wellness programs.  Our goal is to change your life, not just to tell you what is wrong, thus we engage you in the full holistic process.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry does not value your development to health for life, but is instead stuck in the “pill/procedure for every ill” model. This is why we have worked so hard at Mint Health to give our patients better options! When you become a part of our functional wellness community, your visits with Dr. Buchert and routine blood labs can be billed to your insurance. For the additional components that your insurance does not value for your health, we have payment options that work easily for everyone to be successful!

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Routine OB and Gyn visits with Dr. Buchert are billed to your insurance.  For our patients who make the proactive decision to become a part of our Functional Wellness programs and community, visits with Dr. Buchert are also billed to your insurance.

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It is important to us at Mint Health that you understand our approaches for reaching optimal health through Functional Wellness.  You need this information to make an informed decision about the future of your health.  You need to watch or attend with your spouse/significant other as we achieve results together!

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Our routine OB/Gyn visits are similar in some ways to other medical offices.  In our Functional Wellness programs, we focus on a whole-body approach to wellness.  All our patients have an opportunity to choose to engage in this process.  When you do, your health improves over time, rather than just getting prescribed medication after medication for a variety of symptoms and diagnoses.

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