Frequently Asked Questions

Functional Wellness

A lab follow-up appointment will be scheduled to review reports with Dr.  Buchert.  Lab results cannot be reviewed over the telephone.

Routine blood labs will be posted to the patient portal for you to view.  Please allow up to fourteen (14) days for them to be visible to you.  (If it has been more than 14 days, please contact the office.)  These labs will be interpreted and reviewed with you at your visit with Dr. Buchert.  We are not able to release or review lab results over the telephone.  Do not be alarmed by “abnormal” results that you can see!  If a result is an emergency, you will be contacted.

Results that are not routine blood labs (which includes, stool, urine, saliva and some blood labs) will not be visible on the portal.  These will be reviewed with you at your visit with Dr. Buchert.

Your visits with the doctor and routine blood labs can be billed to your insurance.  Your additional investment applies to health coaching and wellness teaching that is vital for your success.  With only medical visits, you will not reach your goals, just as you haven’t been able to in other medical practices.

Yes, we go over all recommendations the day of your initial consult if we are able to accept your case.

Dr. Buchert can only learn about you fully, your concerns, hopes and goals, if your spouse is present!  Changes will occur that are going to affect him/her, as well as, the rest of your family in a very positive way!  Being on the same page is vital for success, and having your spouse present allows Dr. Buchert to begin to engage and educate him/her.  You are making an important decision, both financially and for the future, and we respect that couples do this together.  If you feel you cannot comply with this requirement, please speak with Brittany as soon as your consult is scheduled.

Have them call our office and speak with our health coach –225-250-1025, Ext 702, or sign up on line at myminthealth/events to attend an introductory seminar with Dr. Buchert.

Yes, we expect long term follow up and continuity to maintain the amazing life changes you have accomplished.  You are life-long member of the Mint Health Community.  As with every other visit, follow up visits with Dr. Buchert are billed to your insurance, but actual coverage depends on your plan.

Our goal is to educate you and change your health for life, so we do not offer singular functional medicine visits, as they are not effective for lasting results.

Routine Gyn blood labs are done through OB/Gyn visits.  Functional evaluations (which may include blood, urine, stool and saliva) are done through functional wellness programs.  Our goal is to change your life, not just to tell you what is wrong, thus we engage you in the full holistic process.

Join us for a live or on-line seminar!  We are excited to meet your and guide you towards health!

Attend a live or on-line seminar in which Dr. Buchert explains our approach to Functional Wellness and how our patients achieve such great success.  From there you will schedule a consult with Dr. Buchert to determine if we can accept your case.

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