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It’s a Girl! Welcome Chenoa!!

Hi Everyone,
Mint Health is growing, and we wanted to share our exciting news with you!!
This week we welcome our newest health coach, Chenoa Farrell, to our team!
At Mint Health, we see so many of you benefit from working with us on the Functional Medicine side of the practice, and so we want to make sure there is plenty of us to go around! For many of you, you had reached a dead-end with conventional medicine, or the remaining treatments offered would leave little to no improvement in overall health or quality of life. For some people, taking a functional medicine approach to healing is a leap-of-faith; for others, this type of healing is as much a truth for them as it is for us.
All that we employ in your healing journey with us is rooted in science (and we believe it is some of the latest and greatest science!), and we use this information to address the underlying cause(s) of your health issues.
Chenoa is a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as well as a soon to be graduate of the Kresser Institute of Functional Medicine. She brings with her many years of experience coaching families, with a special focus on moms. She loves watching the positive impact on the whole family, because as a mother learns to develop a state of better health, this has a ripple effect with the rest of the family.
**That being said, we DO SEE dads doing this same thing; it is not always the mom who is the initiator of healthier changes at home. 😉
Chenoa, being the mother to a teenager that often resists healthy habits around food, knows all too well the challenges mothers and fathers face in a world that can offer so many unhealthy food and lifestyle options.

Chenoa would like to share a little about her evolving health journey with you all.

Dr. BuchertIt’s a Girl! Welcome Chenoa!!
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2 Things you MUST KNOW before your Mint Health appointment!

We are excited that you have an appointment coming up with us at Mint Health ! We wanted to take a moment to assure that you understand how our practice works, as it is unique from other medical practices that you may have visited.

Mint Health has two separate components or “parts” and it is very important that you are scheduled for the right type of appointment so that you achieve your goals and get from us what you are looking for!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we see  Obstetric and Gynecologic appointments. In these appointments we evaluate and treat typical Ob/Gyn concerns and are able to order blood work, prescribe appropriate medications, and share documents on nutrition and lifestyle changes (if you request this). The average time that most doctors spend with patients in a visit is about 8 minutes (sad but unfortunately true, due to the way our insurance industries work, very frustrating for both doctors and patients alike!)
On Mondays and Wednesdays, we see  Functional Wellness appointments. We have longer appointment slots (usually about 30 minutes), and work on symptoms and health issues from a “root cause” approach, which is  much more effective ! (Click here for our success stories!) Instead of being trapped by the “pill for every ill” ways of the conventional medical system, we can take a comprehensive approach to helping you feel your best. We utilize specialty testing that identifies issues missed by regular blood labs and spend much more time with you to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. We help you take the actions you really need to (instead of just a pill!).
Dr. Buchert2 Things you MUST KNOW before your Mint Health appointment!
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Why are people getting so much better here at Mint Health??

Healing Starts in the Gut

Why are people getting so much better here at Mint Health ??

Many of our patients who are doing Functional Medicine are getting reversal of their health conditions??

We are seeing improved mental clarity, reversal of prediabetes and insulin resistance, reversal of irritable bowel conditions and skin rashes. Many of our patients with infertility are able to avoid expensive fertility treatments and at the same time provide their baby with a better environment in which to grow. These are just a few examples of many.
One of the main reasons that we are seeing so many success stories is because at Mint Health, we realize that we have to start with a healthy gut in order to have a healthy body. Having a gut that is functioning well is crucial for health!!! And guess what!??? Most of us don’t have healthy guts. Between toxins in our food, stress, so many antibiotics over the years, the standard foods being so inflammatory, most of us have pretty messed up bowels.
I’ll give you some examples of signs that your gut is out of whack:
Dr. BuchertWhy are people getting so much better here at Mint Health??
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HIIT is a HIT!!

What’s all the Hype about HIIT??

While the attention HIIT training is getting is trendy,

research is showing it is for good reason!


Today I will keep this short and to-the-point, just like this type of training is.

How many time have I heard patients say that they just don’t have the time to exercise? Too many times and for a lot of people this may be kind of true. I do understand how busy life is these days! For some, choosing to exercise may literally mean that because you exercise you won’t get as much sleep, or you exercise and don’t take the time to cook a healthy meal, or exercise and don’t take your child to an extracurricular activity. Whether you are working full-time at a job or your job is taking care of your family, most of us have very packed schedules, and it really can be hard to fit in a workout routine. We tell you to exercise; we tell you to get 7-8 hours of sleep; we tell you not to eat processed-convenient foods; we tell you not to rush around all day keeping yourself locked in fight-or-flight.… with all of these things that we should do to be health, time definitely becomes a factor.


What if I told you that you can do less exercise and get more results?!

Dr. BuchertHIIT is a HIT!!
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Infertility?? No Finger Pointing!

Planning to conceive? Struggling with Infertility?? Expensive treatments and a fingers-crossed are not the only answer!


Even though we can sometimes force pregnancy with a multitude of fertility treatments, this is not always the best option to do first (even if we have to come back to this later), because many of the same things that put us at risk for sub-fertility, also put our to-be-children at risk for a host of issues ranging from allergies all the way to autism. Because epigenetics plays such a big role in our health and the health of our babies, it is vitally important to take the time to prepare our bodies (and our gametes –eggs and sperm) as much as we can ahead of time (sometimes up to a year prior).

Mint Health Fertility Checklist for a baby in Mint condition!

Any of these things that we commonly accept as normal are warning signs:
·         fatigue and sluggishness
·          allergies and recurrent sinus issues
·          puffy eyes
·          less than daily bowel movements or other GI issues
·          frequent headaches
·          inability to lose weight or build muscle
·          foggy thoughts or focus
·          anxiety and moodiness
·          not sleeping through the night

While this certainly is not a comprehensive list, below is a “Checklist,” and you want to be sure you are addressing as much as you can on it!

Make sure you have had a comprehensive male & female fertility evaluation . Men should consult with a urologist, and women with her gynecologist. The couple should consult with a fertility specialist, so they are sure to know all of their options for treatment in the conventional medicine arena.

Dr. BuchertInfertility?? No Finger Pointing!
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Can’t think straight? Feeling dull and tired?

Get your Brain in

Mint Condition

and KEEP Your Brain in

Mint Condition

Inspired by the Broken Brain series


I love this concept!!! How can you have this??? How can you have a thriving, resilient brain that can handle the ups and downs of life?
Are you having symptoms like migraines, headaches, brain fog, poor concentration, poor sleep, mood issues (anxiety, depression)? How can you help your kids if they are already showing signs of brain issues like developmental delays or spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, behavior problems and ADHD/ADD, immune system problems and food allergies? Yes all of these things can be the result of a brain issue.
But what if you just want to be more proactive so you and your children can hopefully head-off these kinds of issues and not be a part of these shocking, concerning statistics.
These topics are often on my mind, and last week Dr. Buchert and I got sucked into watching the Broken Brain series put together by Dr. Mark Hyman, a very well-known doctor who has been a real ambassador and leader in Functional Medicine. Watching this series was two-fold exciting: 1) because I love hearing all of the powerful stories of people regaining their health, and 2) because the great majority of what was discussed are things that we are already doing at Mint Health .

Shocking Statistics:

Autism: 1 in 68, (boys are at greater risk than girls); 95% of these kids have gastrointestinal problems and 70% have immune system problems.
1 in 10 kids are on some kind of stimulant medication.
Dementia is present in 10% of people greater than 65, 25% of people greater than 75, and 50% of people 85 and older.
Having Type 2 Diabetes is associated with a 400% increased risk for dementia.
So what is it that causes the brain to break? i.e. get out of balance and/or start a slow decline. Its not just one thing! It’s the accumulation of many things that we always consider in Functional Medicine. 
Dr. BuchertCan’t think straight? Feeling dull and tired?
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Getting Your Body Ready for Your Future Baby

This message is for future dads too!

For those of you that realize you have the opportunity to do a little planning and a little body-work prior to conception, consider yourself fortunate! For others, you may start thinking about this while you are pregnant, or even breastfeeding. Every little bit, good or bad, has an epigenetic influence. Epigenetics is defined as changes in an organism caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. This means we can up-regulate or down-regulate the expression of certain genes with certain factors. And guess What! A lot of these factors are lifestyle and diet. So many moms out there may not have had the thought or know how to consider this. I don’t believe in living in regret, we do the best we can with the knowledge that we have at the time. But, since we are bombarded with so many insults in this world, anything that we can do ahead of time to be shored-up will help with resilience and possibly even avoidance of a future health-related issue for your baby and yourself.

Planning for Mint Condition


Some things that will help in growing a healthy baby:
  • Minimizing exposure to toxins. Using household cleaning products with a safe ingredient list; see for ratings.
  • Baton Rouge has very clean water, but nevertheless, getting a good water filter and using this with beverages and cooking can help to reduce exposure to toxins.
  • Avoid dry cleaning
  • Non-toxic skin care products.
  • Eat grass feed beef (FYI- Omega 3 to 6 ratio is 1:1 (good) with grass fed and 1:20 with grain fed (very bad!))
  • Pasture raised organic chickens
  • Pasture raised organic eggs
  • Grass fed yogurt
  • Sardines and anchovies
  • Avoid high mercury fish
  • Fermented cod liver oil
  • Fermented foods and beverages
  • Probiotics with a variety of strains (at least 10 different) and 25-100 billion per day
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Unrefined, unfiltered, cold pressed oils from avocados, olives, sesame, coconut, etc
  • Avoid plastics; use glass and stainless steel

So what are some things that future parents can do to help create a better environment within their body to grow a healthy baby? The great majority of what can be done comes back to lifestyle and diet!! .
Dr. BuchertGetting Your Body Ready for Your Future Baby
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Dying to Know What We Know??

Who Wants Longevity?

I know I do!! Especially now that I am a 40 year old mother of a 1 year old.

It is probably not a surprise to most, if you hear that in our society, we are spending more than ever on health care, yet mortality rates are on the rise, disease rates are on the rise, and for two years in a row, the average life expectancy has declined! Concerning?? I’d say so! We already know that this current generation of children are not expected to live as long. There are a lot of reasons for this, and FORTUNATELY there are a lot of things that are still in our control.
The CDC declares the reason for lowered life expectancy is due to drug related deaths, particularly pain medication prescriptions, but really there is more to it than this. We are also seeing a rise in many different disease states- diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc. I’m sure these conditions lead a lot of people to need pain medicine. Did you realize that people can also feel more pain when they are not nourished adequately, or when they have genetic patterns that affect pain and inflammation, and these patterns become further compromised by nutrient deficiencies. Depression, also on the rise, can lead to altered pain tolerance and pain perception…. again, impaired nutrition can make this worse.
Let me give you an example:
What if a 45 year old female who is fair complected and has always taken very good precaution to avoid the “damaging” effects of the sun using her sunscreens and shielding her skin with hats, etc, unknowingly has vitamin D deficiency? This puts her at risk for a number of health conditions as a result of having low vitamin D levels- depression, fatigue, inflammation and more. If her health care provider isn’t checking her vitamin D level, she will not know this needs to be corrected. She may end up on Prozac (depression) and Adderall (ADD) at first, then maybe Mobic (anti-inflammatory) and down the road Ultram (pain med).
Poor food choices, increased exposures to environmental toxins, lack of sleep or even lack of quality sleep, increasing number of prescription medications used which are not without side effects and are not often studied in a polypharmacy setting (I once saw a patient in her mid 50s who was on 23 different medications-GASP!)- all of these things contribute to health, or should I say lack of health!
Would you believe me if I told you that the 3 rd leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical related errors?! These are the errors that we know about. I’d imagine that this is even higher, as a lot probably goes unreported or even unnoticed in this area.
Dr. BuchertDying to Know What We Know??
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The Terry Wahls Story

Amazing Story of Regained Health

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Terry Wahls, your jaw will drop when you read her story.

Hi Everyone!
I’d like to share with you, Terry Wahls’ story of how she regained her health and her life. I never get tired of hearing this story, because it gives so much hope. So many people are suffering from a significant health condition and don’t realize that more can and should be done.
Dr. Terry Wahls, an Internal Medicine trained physician, was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Muscular Sclerosis (MS) in 2000 after over a decade of “minor” symptoms that were ignored. MS is a disease in which there supposedly is no known cure. Over the next several years, Dr. Wahls failed treatment after treatment and her disease progressed more and more. By 2007, she had failed all that conventional medicine had to offer. She was at her sickest, using a recumbent wheelchair to get around, because she was no longer able to walk or support her body, and she was no longer able to work or care for her family. She knew she was on her way to being bed bound. Even though treatment wasn’t working, she still continued getting monthly IV therapy of a very expensive biologic drug called Tysabri, because that was the only thing she knew to do. She felt terrible all the time, and she was depressed. Fortunately for her (as well as the many people she has now helped with her story), she began researching supplements that help with the brain and nervous system. As she researched, she began taking these supplements, and the decline in her health started to slow down. Then she began looking at nutrients needed for her mitochondrial to function, because as she researched, she noticed a theme, that mitochondrial dysfunction is a huge player, if not THE source of disease. Mitochondria are our energy warehouses in every cell of our body. There are essential nutrients that are necessary for them to function properly. Lack of nutrients and exposure to too many toxins (we are drowning in toxins these days!) can cause our mitochondria not to function properly. As she learned about these essential nutrients and considered the supplements that would be needed, she thought, what foods can I get these nutrients from? So she researched what foods contain these nutrients and put together a “diet”, ie “way of eating”, so that she could incorporate the healing nutrients her mitochondria needed.
Dr. BuchertThe Terry Wahls Story
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Favorite Holiday Recipes from Dr. B, Renee and Britany!

Favorite Holiday Recipes from Dr. B, Renee, and Brittany!

You don’t have to feel bad to have enjoyable holiday splurges!

There are so many wonderful things about the holidays, but there are also some obstacles, including health-obstacles when your eyes are open in a new light. Whether you are on a “health journey” or not, I commonly hear people complaining about the food potentials to come, knowing that in the near future there will be too many opportunities to eat, drink, and eat some more.  We overeat; we eat too many sweet-treats; we eat too many carbs; and, we eat to many processed foods.  These foods make us briefly happy, then miserable for hours.  We end up rubbing our bellies, pregnant or not. We lose motivation to work out, because we feel like a slug. We swear we will never eat again and within a few hours, craving start creeping back on us.

“Perennial joy or passing pleasure? This is the choice one is to make always. The wise recognize these two, but not The ignorant. The first welcome what leads To abiding joy, though painful at the time. The latter run, goaded by their senses, After what seems immediate pleasure.”
Katha Upanishad


I’m not perfect, but I’ve definitely come along way with healthy eating. Since my body is more sensitive to the ill effects of poor food choices, this helps me to stay on track; pain can be a good motivator. Migraines used to be a given if I just sat back and ate whatever was served at holiday parties and family gatherings; sometimes I would even pre-medicate. Over the years, I’ve learned to get more creative in the kitchen, and fortunately these days there is no shortage of delicious and healthy recipes.
So instead of dreading all of the holiday food, take the challenge to not let holiday traditions be a back slide. We are hoping that by sharing some of our favorite recipes, you can see how “do-able” and rewarding eating healthy through the holidays can be.
I was so excited to get feed back from someone in the Functional Medicine part of Mint Health . She told us how she had decided to host and prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her whole family, so that she could cook in a way that supported all that she had learned about using food as medicine for her body (a big difference from what had been happening prior when certain foods were actually hurting her body and keeping her sick).  She cooked whole-foods that are anti-inflammatory, and she said she felt great the whole day, AND her whole family ate and enjoyed the meal! It was a BIG win for all! I can imagine that her family was inspired and impressed by her efforts.

Here are some of our favorite holiday recipes that should leave you feeling satisfied and energetic:

Dr. BuchertFavorite Holiday Recipes from Dr. B, Renee and Britany!
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