Mint Health Stories

Stories of Patients Inspired by Mint Health to Achieve and Maintain Wellness.

  • I am so glad I found Dr. Buchert and her staff and became a member of her wellness program. I feel better than I have in years and the things I've learned will continue to help me in the future. If you want to change how you feel and become more healthy you must let Dr. Buchert and her team help you!

  • "I feel privileged to have Dr. Buchert at Mint Health looking over my health and empowering me to take control of my wellness. I truly believe everyone should see a Functional Medicine MD by age of 30 to gain an understanding of how the standard American diet/ lifestyle effects us. If you are searching for answers, and are committed to change, she is the doctor for you!"

  • Dr Buchert is an angel. She works so hard to make sure each patient is working towards their goals. She is very compassionate and takes the time to really make you feel better.

  • I wanted a doctor that I could confidently follow and trust because they took pride not only in what they do, but went to the extra effort of going above and beyond by continually expanding and challenging their professional knowledge and goals. It is above and beyond the best choice I could have made while I navigate my first pregnancy. Hands down, this lady is awesome.

  • Dr Buchert and her staff are amazing. After years of extreme fatigue, trouble regulating my thyroid, and seeing many different doctors, I feel blessed to have found Dr Buchert. She listens and doesn't give up until she finds the root cause of the problem. I have learned so much from Dr Buchert and Brittany Booth in these last 6 months and have been able to make permanent, healthy lifestyle changes that have helped me to progressively feel better. I recommend her to anyone that is not feeling as good as they know they should.

  • Dr. Buchert has been my OBGYN for years now and with recent health issues, I came to her for holistic health. I am so so happy that she started Mint Health and she has COMPLETELY changed my life FOR BETTER! My thyroid levels are back to normal, and my other gut imbalances have improved tremendously. I am so much more aware of the things we put in and on our bodies and I have seen miraculous changes and improvements in my health. She is so helpful and encouraging. She is such an inspiring woman and her testimony for her health journey shows her true passion in helping others change their life. I would highly recommend starting your health journey with her and the Mint Health team.

Dr. Betsy BuchertWhat Patients Say